Our Services

Full-Service Craft Service

Continental Breakfast includes:

Coffee & Hot Tea Set-up

Juices (assorted)

Fresh fruit


Pastries (assorted)

Cereal (hot & cold)


Bagels, Croissant, Bread


Ready-to-eat Sausages, Bacon (turkey or pork)

Waffles, Pancakes

Butter, Cream-cheese


Trail mix

Fresh fruit

Health bars

Chips, crackers


Cheese (assorted)


Sliced vegetables

Assorted sodas, sparkling waters

Yogurt (assorted)

Bottled smoothies (assorted)

Chocolates (assorted)

 Sugar free Sweets

Cookies (gluten free too)

Dairy and Gluten free snacks

Up to  five days:

$350 per day

(Shop & Prep Fee


Six days or longer, 

$1200 per week

(Shop & Prep Fee


Crafty Self-Serve Kit


4 Baskets 

(filled with snacks)

1 Fruit Tray

1 Crudité

1 Meat & Cheese Tray

(with assorted crackers)

1 Coffee/Tea Set-up Service

Bottled Waters

1 Table linen

$350 per day

(Shop & Prep $400)

Premium Crafty 

Restaurant style Gourmet Crudités 

Gourmet Charcuterie Tray or Cups
Gourmet Pastries 

Premium Snacks 

Premium Bottled Waters

Premium Beverages, 

Coffee set-up, with Keurig or Coffee Urn 

(comes with condiments, table linens) 

Fresh florals for your table

$38 per person

(min 20 people)


(Shop & Prep $375)

Just Need An Attendant?

If you're providing your own food items, but need someone to attend to your craft table, we have someone for that as well. 

$175 per day. 

Just let us know.